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Cebuano Azkal signs deal with Global Smartmatic



Paolo Pascual has recently signed a one-season contract with the Global Smartmatic Football Club.

He was supposed to start playing for Global as soon as he got back to Manila. But since training camp in Baguio will already start, he will have to go with the Azkals first.

Having fulfilled his dream, though, comes with a high price as Pascual would have to relocate to Manila, which means being away from his parents.

He has already withdrawn his subjects at USC, where he is a junior Business Administration student. Aside from working on his football career, Pascual will also finish his studies in Manila.


via Pinoy Football


About Global FC

Global FC is an association football club based in the Philippines. The team started in Division 2 of the United Football League inaugural season. On that same season, the team managed to finish top of the Second Division with an unbeaten record. A feat similar to Arsenal Gunners ‘Invincibles’, a rare record in the English Premier League. With that, the team was automatically promoted to LBC-United Football League First Division. On, Global won the United Football League Cup after defeating the defending Champions Air Force Rider.


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