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Global Smartmatic draws with Air Force Rider

By: Michael C. Tanate

Pressure was put on both teams as Global Smartmatic battles with the Air Force Rider Sunday, April 10, 2011 at the University of Makati Football Field. Both teams are leading in statistics but the former is ahead with just a goal difference.

It was a great start for both teams as they both held on to defense and had been scoreless for the next 40 minutes.

On the 43rd minute, a goal by Yanti Barsalles disappointed the Global Smartmatic team. But Barsalles was subbed by Soriano. He was injured after the goal and held on his right thigh.

On the start of second half, the Global was eager to equalize the score and so Izo Elhabbib scored on the 47th minute. Both team held on to their defense and maintained to be scoreless until the final whistle. We’ve heard that it was supposed to be a five minute stoppage time but the referee blew it on the first minute.

A total of 6 yellow cards were issued by the referee, five for the Air Force and one for the Global. A lot of boos from the audience were given to the referees and linesman.

We asked some supporters and players on their insights and comments regarding the game. We compiled it and listed them below. Some were status and comments regarding the game quoted from some social networking sites.

Gail Tolibas photo album on facebook.

Action-filled game! Referee flashed 1 red card and 5(?) yellow cards! Spectator threw a bottled water to the ref And heard tons of cursing! “Kamakaarawod!” “Hoy ref! Pagkita daw!!” “Boooo! Kalbooooo!” “Referee! Magkano binayad sayo!?!” “An iya iroy!” “Ref! Klarado ka na hinduro!!!” Kahuna ko nakadto ako Tacloban! :))

Camille del Rosario on Twitter

Just Got Home! I enjoyed watching the Game today! pero mga pasaway na Ref..mga bulag..Kitang kita ng mga mata namin..

From Ria De Leon on Twitter

the game kanina was very rough! Kawawa ang boys natin. There were unfair calls din

Craig Burrows on Twitter

What no injury time? Hmm, this has ended one all, think the Ref has had enough but the fans watched a great game.

Aaron Manacho Altiche on Facebook

hmm both teams did their best but the referees and the officials are not doing well…

Valentine Kama on Facebook

i think the ref shud improve the way they officiate matches and it’s just so bad today

Badreldin Elhabbib on Facebook

-it was clear for everyone who watched the game, airforce just depend on fitness, u saw how did global control the game, we should beat them 5 – 1

Our defense as usual very solid, no areaneta no caligdong could pass thru

Nevertheless, it was considered one of the most exciting games this season.

Next Global FC game will be on Sunday, April 17, 2011 still at the University of Makati Football Stadium. Kick off starts 4pm and will battle against Loyola Meralco Sparks FC. Be there and see it on act


About Global FC

Global FC is an association football club based in the Philippines. The team started in Division 2 of the United Football League inaugural season. On that same season, the team managed to finish top of the Second Division with an unbeaten record. A feat similar to Arsenal Gunners ‘Invincibles’, a rare record in the English Premier League. With that, the team was automatically promoted to LBC-United Football League First Division. On, Global won the United Football League Cup after defeating the defending Champions Air Force Rider.


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