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Profile Of The Azkals-Global FA Coaches via @soccercentralPH

by Allen Faith on April 29, 2011


Soccer Central Philippines had the privilege to join the coaches of Azkals – Global Football Academy after their training session last Monday at the Corinthian Garden’s Kabanya Garden Restaurant. The coaches were really inspiring.

Here’s what Soccer Central Philippines learned from some of the coaches.

At 22 years of age, Dexter Palad is the youngest male coach at the Azkals – Global Football Academy. He started coaching in 2007 but had to stop in 2009 due to illness. Despite that, Dexter has coached the PNPA squad in 2010. He used to play for Mama Africa but he is now a free agent.

When asked how Coach Dexter feels about coaching the students of AGFA, he said, “It’s a big honour for me to train the future Azkals.” He also added, “I’m learning from the kids and they’re learning from me.”

Jennifer Barandoc was invited by Head Coach Ayii to join the academy. Both studied at the University of the Philippines. Coach Jennifer, who used to play as goalkeeper for Union FC, has been coaching for 2 years. When SCP asked what made her coach Football, she was quick to reply, “I love to teach kids.”

Charmie Tomaneng is the other female coach of the academy. She was invited by Coach Jennifer, her teammate in UP. She played forward and midfielder for UP Laya FC and UP Women’s Varsity team. At 22 years of age, Charmie has been coaching every summer for 7 years. “Coaching is my passion, sharing my knowledge, [and] skills,” Coach Charmie said.

Another goalkeeper who serves as a coach in the academy is Bernard Lelis from Dolphins FC, a second division team in United Football League. Like Coach Jennifer, he was also invited by Coach Ayii. He’s been coaching children, from 7 to 9 years old, for 2 years now. He also coaches children up to 15 years of age. Helping children, including those with disabilities, learn the beautiful game got him into coaching.

Another coach of the Azkals – Global Football Academy is Misagh Bahadoran who is an active player of Global FC. The 23-year old forward also plays for the Philippine National Futsal Team where he was the top scorer during the 2010 AFF Futsal Championship held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He has coached Futsal for 2 years, but it’s his debut in Football coaching.

Coach Misagh was actually offered to have a coaching license in Futsal but he refused due to studies. He just finished Dentistry in Centro Escolar University last March, but he did not join his batchmates in their graduation because people think, even insist, that he’s part of the National Football Team. “They think I’m an Azkal. I’m not [yet] an Azkal!,” Misagh protests.

Now that Coach Misagh already finished college, he has become less busy and can now commit to Football coaching in AGFA and focus on Global FC trainings, where he and Coach Carlos promised a huge come back after their consecutive draws. Misagh will also join the national football team on their training next month.

We also would to thank Sir Ricky Chan for inviting SCP to the Azkals-Global Football Academy.

Source: Soccer Central Philippines


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