Football, Not Jerry Barbaso’s First Choice via @soccercentralPH

by Allen Faith on March 6, 2011

Jerry Barbaso

Playing Football doesn’t mean having the sport as first choice for Azkal defender Jerry Barbaso, who also plays for Global Smartmatic in the UFL.

Born in Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte, Jerry Barbaso was into Basketball as well as Track & Field until his friend, Michael Tula, introduced him to the gentleman’s game at the age of 12. National teammates Jason Sabio and Eduard Sacapaño also have the same story. Sabio was also 12 years old when he started playing Football while Sacapaño was in first year high school. They haven’t stopped playing Football since then.

To know more about the long-haired Azkal, I asked him few more questions during the Army vs. Loyola Agila FC game last Sunday in UMak. Barbaso was so amiable that it took me a day to realize that I was also interviewed in the process.

Allen Faith (AF):    Who is your favourite Football player?
Jerry Barbaso (JB):    Carles Puyol of FB Barcelona. He also played for Spain who won the FIFA World Cup.

AF:    Which teammate would you not want to be an opponent?
JB:    None. But just in case, probably all. You’ll be challenged.

AF:    How do you prepare for each game?
JB:    I hope to have enough sleep. I also talk to those around me before the game. I ask them what we can do. Chemistry is important.

AF:    Why is your hair long?
JB:    It’s been long for a time, so I just got used to it until graduation when I had to cut it. Then I had it grew again.

Photo Credit: hellyeah-azkals.tumblr.com

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About Global FC

Global FC is an association football club based in the Philippines. The team started in Division 2 of the United Football League inaugural season. On that same season, the team managed to finish top of the Second Division with an unbeaten record. A feat similar to Arsenal Gunners ‘Invincibles’, a rare record in the English Premier League. With that, the team was automatically promoted to LBC-United Football League First Division. On, Global won the United Football League Cup after defeating the defending Champions Air Force Rider.


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